About Me

My name is Dean, I have been going to Thailand since 2008 and met a lovely Thai lady and later married and joined me in the UK. I travel to Thailand to see my wife’s family and to stay in the home that we built in Thailand.

My plan was to eventually live in Thailand as it is a beautiful country and the cost of living is so much lower than the UK. So my plan was that when I reach a certain age I will retire early to Thailand. It is getting very close to that time now, preparations  are in place to make a business online so that I have the freedom to travel and live in Thailand.

My plan is to live the digital nomad life and have the freedoms to travel and work online rather than to get a 9-5  job that I would need for a good life in Thailand and other countries. As my wife family are in Thailand, that will definitely where I would want to stay as it is a great country which has so much beauty, although there is a poorer side of Thailand which I plan to help as I do now.

Well thats me, wish me luck. I plan on writing these blogs to help others and myself to have resources and information on where to go in Thailand and what is available in Thailand.  I hope you find the information that I give you of help in your travels or planned travels to Thailand as a digital nomad. As time gets closer I will be making more trips to Thailand and making more videos on my YouTube channel:

My Youtube Channel is all about Thailand and life in Thailand, its focus is on Thailand and digital nomads.

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