Why Digital Nomads Rock More in Bangkok Than Anywhere Else in Thailand

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Digital Nomads Rock More in Bangkok than Anywhere in Thailandimage-1807518_1920

Before the arrival of startup era and nomadic lifestyle, Thailand has long been known for its ease of launching new businesses.

Be it American, British, Russian or even Chinese, conventional investors and merchants had considered Thailand one of the best business bases in the world.

Nevertheless, things change as time flies and technology evolves. Broadband has made the business world spin faster.

Average age of entrepreneurs tends to be lower. White collars choose to leave their countries behind, head to another continent and work with their laptop from anywhere they prefer.

Once again, Thailand has become one of the top destinations for these digital nomads, having Bangkok as the top priority above other major cities.


Mainly, digital nomads are based in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. All of which are top tourist destinations of Thailand. Of course, this makes sense for these three cities not only have better technological infrastructure, but also lodging options that are suitable for digital nomads of all sorts. Thanks to the awareness of Thai government in the development of main touristy towns to facilitate the growth of tourism.

Bangkok, has fast internet speed, plenty of Co-working space for digital nomads

In the present, key factors making some cities the ideal nest for digital nomads include fast Internet, serviced apartment and co-working space. The three aforementioned elements have thus made Bangkok soar as the top nomadic hub of Thailand.office-583841_1920

According to the Huffingtonpost website, Bangkok serves as a comprehensive stop for digital nomads with the right factors.

Ranging from affordability, capital size, technological infrastructure, Internet speed, air quality, cultural sites, such as temples and markets, to ultramodern international airport like Suvarnabhumi, which is the gateway to heavenly destinations in Thailand and all countries across the globe.

measure-806525_1920Then what about Chiang Mai? Not only domestically renowned, but Chiang Mai has also become one of the world’s most famous destinations.

But why Bangkok outperforms Chiang Mai? According to the Nomadlist.com, despite Chiang Mai has earned great scores for key factors contributing to being an ideal nomadic hub, such as the cost of living. English speaking, free Wi-Fi in city, air quality, quality of life, nightlife, etc.,


Bangkok has surpassed Chiang Mai

Bangkok has surpassed Chiang Mai with a significant difference of Startup Score at 8.4, while Chiang Mai only earned 4.8. This factor is quite interesting as digital nomads might, more or less, have considered startup chances as well.

Listening to opinion and experience shared by a digital nomad living and working in Bangkok with satisfaction can help to improve our thoroughness on this.bangkok-1759467_1280

A 28-year old British nomad living in Bangkok for five years had revealed via the A Farang Abroad website that Bangkok offers higher spending power, especially in terms of facilities and materials for daily life, as well as communities of young entrepreneurs.

He found Chiang Mai boring after a year or so of living there. Notably, as a foreigner, long stay visa is important, but Bangkok has the readiness of consulates representing several countries by which nomads can fly in and out to renew their stay permission.

With Laos and Cambodia as preferred transit points. Currently, many nomads have to switch from student visa to tourist visa, or vice versa, unless they are offered a full time job by which opportunities are more abundant in Bangkok than in Chiang Mai.

Bangkok wins over Chiang Mai

Obviously, there are good reasons to see why Bangkok is a better choice than Chiang Mai for many digital nomads. Even though Bangkok seems to be a condensed city that has left many other cities look less developed, there are benefits for certain groups of people. I am sure that digital nomads  from Chiang Mai will disagree, I can even hear them now, what Bangkok more popular than Chiang Mai, No way.


However, in the future, other major cities in Thailand might progress with other underlying factors.

Then we’ll have to monitor again if Bangkok still surpasses other cities as an ideal stop for digital nomads.

As you can see I love my coffee, whether it be in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and look forward to bringing you more information about Thailand.