Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Scam

Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Scam

Scammers come to Chiang Mai

– to recruit newbie digital nomads promising them away to start up their own business on their program, they managed to take some money off some of the newbies in January 2017. Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Scam artist who are unscrupulous twins that have travelled to Thailand hoping to make some money and scam people that were venerable and wanting to be a digital nomad so badly. These scammers had travelled to other countries and scammed others before, charging between $300 – $1500.

Apparently, some digital nomads got together and said that they should leave town as they are suspecting that they are just scammers. Some of the people still turned up to the event and were later told by others that this is all a scam. Apparently, the Thai police are looking for them, but it is suspected that they are no longer in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Scam

Due to this some of the people that came to Chiang Mai got very angry and said that the whole digital nomad thing is all a scam and that it is not real and does not work. They blamed even the most popular nomads for scamming people and just selling their own courses on how to be a digital nomad and the money that they make is funding their stay in Thailand.

Some YouTubers were criticised by spreading negative things about being a digital nomad and that they should be spreading more positive approach. Stating that it is not so easy to be a digital nomad and can take many years to build up a business. The Youtubers state that the whole thing is a scam and that it is a pyramid scheme “everyone is just making money off each other, selling crap. Selling how to be a digital nomad and everything is bullshit”, Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Scam.

What I do agree with is yes the newbies don’t know any better and they don’t know between a real successful digital nomad from someone that has been stuck in Chiang Mai and has not built up a business and you have some newbies coming along and they are at times being taken advantage of.

Turning up to Chiang Mai thinking that you will be a digital nomad in a few weeks

It is wrong that they should turn up to Chiang Mai thinking that they will be a digital nomad in a few weeks and be successful and live the independent lifestyle. Most of the early digital nomads had to put a lot of hard work to get where they are now. They have had to work all hours in the beginning until they have built their own business and automated it so they can live the Digital nomad lifestyle. Please don’t think that you can turn up and be successful in a few weeks, although there may be people out there that will sell you that idea. Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Scam, No it is not a scam but that will not stop some people from trying to take advantage of others, and people will always scam others, unfortunately, Thailand is full of scams.

Please don’t think that you can turn up and be successful in a few weeks, although there may be people out there that will sell you that idea. Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Scam, No it is not a scam but that will not stop some people from trying to take advantage of others, and people will always scam others, unfortunately, Thailand is full of scams.

Don’t get carried away by the some of first video’s and podcasts saying just come to Thailand you won’t regret it, unfortunately, a lot of newbies are regretting it and are having to come back home and losing money in the process. Some tips before you even go to Thailand make sure you:

Tips on becoming a Digital Nomad

  1. Do your own research
  2. Follow top Digital nomads
  3. You can learn from free resources on how to start a business online
  4. Don’t get sucked into expensive courses
  5. Stay at home and build your business first before you come
  6. Watch and listen to YouTube and Podcasts on being a digital nomad
  7. Read blogs on being a digital nomad

Having listened to the original YouTube video claiming that the Digital Nomad is all a scam, this is because he attended groups and newbies were attracted by other digital nomads selling different courses. He states that 90% of the digital nomads are scammers and the other 10% are newbies.

I could not disagree more, Digital nomads are real and it does work if you spend time building your business and you build a passive income. Don’t just can’t just turn up in a country and expect to earn thousands of dollars without putting in the work first. It is a shame that he chose the words very poorly and said that being a digital nomad does not work and it is a scam. 

Following other Digital Nomads

If they had followed some digital nomads closely from start to finish they would have found out that they did do the hard work and some of them came to the Digital Nomad conference and seen the lifestyle, and said that is what they wanted and were more destemmed than ever to make a go of it. They returned back to their home country started saving and started researching their online business and started it. They were not all successful and some kept on going despite the disappointments and then made it, after putting the work in and made some losses on the way.

This is not true, there are many digital nomads around the world that are very successful, It does work and people are doing it or working it all over the world. This kind of talk puts the whole digital nomad lifestyle in disrepute. Unfortunately, there will always be scammers, if you try hiring a jet ski, or Tuk Tuk in Thailand you are likely to be scammed, so what is the difference.

Eager newbie Digital Nomads eager to learn 

Newbie digital nomad believes that they can make it in Thailand just by turning up in Thailand and mostly Chiang Mai and think that they are going to make it without putting the work in first. They are eager to learn quickly and willing to pay people to learn, and then there are the others that are coming to Thailand and trying to scam others claiming that they have all the answers and taking money up front with lots of promises that they cannot fulfil and then take the money and run.

Newbie digital nomad believes that they can make it in Thailand just by turning up in Thailand and mostly Chiang Mai and think that they are going to make it without putting the work in first. They are eager to learn quickly and willing to pay people to learn, and then there are the others that are coming to Thailand and trying to scam others claiming that they have all the answers and taking money up front with lots of promises that they cannot fulfil and then take the money and run.

Buyer beware – Claiming to be Digital Nomads, selling their own products

Yes, there are others that are claiming to be digital nomads and yes they are but may rely on the newbies coming into Thailand and trying to sell them courses as many of them are including the very long established digital nomads, and that is just part of their income stream. As long as they deliver what they state and you are prepared to work at it then fine. Buyer beware, they are not going to be giving you all the secrets as that will affect their own income, they might even teach you what used to work but as the competition has grown so much these digital nomads have moved on and tried a different approach but might not pass that on to you.

Many free resources on how to be a Digital Nomad

There are some many free resources out there and so many popular digital nomads explaining how to make the digital nomad lifestyle and explain bit by bit how to achieve success, these are free and on YouTube, they are happy for people to learn, they may even get some money from you watching their channel and really who cares it not costing me anything, I am happy to help.

I am not saying that some people in Chiang Mai are not taking advantage of some miss guided information that people should just come to Chiang Mai and be a digital nomad. To be honest, I heard exactly the same thing, come to Chiang Mai with some money and within a few months you will be able to build a business in dropshipping or amazon and away you go you’re in the money.

I have been tempted to do the same thing and to be honest in the beginning I believe it could have been like that but there is a lot of competition from others and it is not so easy now.

Happy to buy courses from well established Digital Nomads

Some digital nomads will try and sell you courses on how to make it, well, to be honest, if I was travelling to Chiang Mai I would want someone to teach me how to do it quickly. If you have some successful digital nomads and they are prepared to teach you, then what’s the problem, even for a fee?

We hopefully have done are research and listened to the top digital nomads on YouTube or on their podcasts, we can either learn from what they teach us each week or do our own research and go it alone.

I personally would not mind being instructed by the top digital nomads in Chiang Mai as I feel that I know them already. But what I would not do is agree to sign up to any course with a digital nomad that I didn’t even know and is not known by others. This is where people can really get hurt and it normally hurts in the pocket. Unfortunately, this has now given the word Digital nomad a bad name and this is especially true in Chiang Mai. I really hope that this gets sorted out and some rules are put in place and some of the original Digital nomads and influencers stand up and tell the newbies what they should do and what they must not do. They must give really good advice and not always seen as selling their own courses, although this must be tempting.

How to become a Digital Nomad 

If you want the whole location independent lifestyle, then learn a skill before you leave home. A skill that you can take with you, why not Learn to code, there are plenty of great (and free) courses on Udemy, YouTube. Get a remote job. Freelance – teach yourself copywriting, design, build websites and much more.

Put at least a year into it or a lot longer would be more beneficial, but please not just a month. Have backup cash and plans. Leave when you’re making enough money, not when you’re learning how to make enough. Don’t chase shiny objects.

My advice as always is always the same, build your business at home in your own country, you don’t even have to leave your job, you just build slowly your online business until you can live on your earnings.

In Thailand it is cheap to live, so you don’t need much to live on, so you don’t need to earn your full wages that you earn in your home country, You can choose if you wish to leave sooner as all of your accommodation, food, and other items would be a lot cheaper in Thailand so don’t think that you will have to earn the identical wage you were on before.

When you finally arrive you would have built up your business and able to survive and live a comfortable life in Thailand or any other country with a cheap cost of living. This is my current plan, to build an online business and when the time is right I will be able to live a comfortable life and continue to build the business in the country that I choose to go, which in my case is, of course, Thailand.

I put it out there to all the influencers and top digital nomads in Thailand, especially Chiang Mai, Please give strong advice to the newbies, It’s great to come to Thailand and be part of the conference and then return home and build your business at home. Return to Thailand with your businesses earning money and make sure you finically independent before coming to Thailand.

So a call out to some of the Nomads that I personally follow


Jonny FD – Podcasts “Travel like a Boss” and YouTube

I have been following Jonny F.D from the very beginning and I believe that most people that have gone to Chiang Mai, in the beginning, were due to the influence from Jonny. The other digital nomads below were influenced by him.

Jonny FD – Digital Nomad


Chris the Freelancer 

Highly ranked on YouTube, He has slowed right down on his podcasts, which is a shame as it could have used his audio file from his YouTube Channel for his podcasts, maybe he will after he reads this. At the time of writing this piece, he has slowed down on his YouTube Videos. Maybe he has such a large following now that he only has to do a video every so often.

However, that being said his videos are very informative and is my current number one to follow as a digital nomad in Thailand / Chiang Mai. He has worked hard in a short period of time to become a digital nomad and has spread extremely valuable information to others. Thanks Chris for all your hard work.

Chris the Freelancer – Digital Nomad



Riley Bennett – Livin That Life 

Riley is now becoming a big influencer in his own right, first influenced by Jonny in Chiang Mai where he attended the Nomad conference, stayed for a while and could not wait to come back again to start up his business and become a digital Nomad, he is now successful.

Riley Bennett – Digital Nomad



Nick Danforth

Nick has been travelling the world as a digital nomad with his wife Steph since 2012 and love sharing their adventures online. updates several times a week as we continue to travel and build our online businesses. I really like Nick and his videos as he travels around Thailand and beyond, giving an honest reflection of his life with his wife as a digital Nomad.

Nick Danforth – Digital Nomad


Living as a Digital Nomad in Bangkok, Thailand.

Living as a Digital Nomad in Bangkok, Thailand.

Being a Digital Nomad is like having a job with lots of freedom job as digital nomads spend at least a few months of the year abroad, change their destinations, and earn a living while working online. They do not to work in the office, they can work in anywhere even on the beach with sea view.

However, it is not that easy for every digital nomad to make enough money to be able to live and work anywhere in the world. But why do a lot of digital nomads want to live and work in Bangkok, Thailand?

According to the nomadlist scores for living and working in Bangkok voted by digital nomads, Bangkok is good for working online because of the speed of Wi-Fi in the city, nightlife, friendly to foreigners, A/C, places to work, cost of living etc.


Figure 1 – (January 26, 2017)

So I would like to summarise top 3 reasons why you should work and live as a digital nomad in Bangkok.

  1. Convenience
  2. Cost of living
  3. Comfort

Why convenience?

It is convenient because of the speed of Wi-Fi in the city. In Thailand, you can find internet or Wi-Fi providers that not require complicated registration such as True Move, 3BB broadband, and CS loxinfo. You can also work online at any coffee shops in Bangkok. Enjoy drinking coffee while working online!

Cost of living in Bangkok is cheap

Yes, Bangkok is cheap. Food in Bangkok costs around 1 USD – 3 USD for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even though you visit a nice restaurant or luxury one, it is still cheap. There are many good places for cheap drinks in the city too. You can also pay for public transportation like local bus starting 0.17 USD to roam around the city.

Why comfort?

Bangkok is served by multiple transport systems such as the Skytrain (BTS), underground (MRT) rail systems, taxis, river taxis, motorcycle taxis, tuk-tuks and local buses. BTS and MRT connect the main shopping, entertainment and business areas of the city, while river taxis and express boats can be used to explore many historic sites at the riverside. Tuk-tuks are worth a ride and roam around the city.


You can work as a digital nomad with a tourist visa in Bangkok but please be aware of the period of stay for your Visa. If you have a 1 months tourist visa, it is still great to discover the city but I am sure that it will be not enough for you to stay because the city is great. You will fall in love with it. I highly recommend you to apply for a 3 months tourist visa at your home country. If you want to extend your visa for one more month, you can apply it at the Immigration Office at the Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty The King Chaengwattana, B Building, Floor 2 (South Zone), Chaengwattana Road (Soi 7), Laksi, Bangkok 10210 (Website:

I highly recommend you to apply for a 3 months tourist visa at your home country. If you want to extend your visa for one more month, you can apply it at the Immigration Office at the Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty The King Chaengwattana, B Building, Floor 2 (South Zone), Chaengwattana Road (Soi 7), Laksi, Bangkok 10210 (Website:

Tel : 0-2141-9889 , Fax : 0-2143-8228
Office hour: Mon-Fri 8:30 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16:30

Please be aware of the new rules for visa on arrival. If you want to extend the period of stay, Thailand becomes stricter for visa on arrival.

Border runs have been cut short due to the very recent change in rules regarding overland entry by Thai immigration. Foreigners entering Thailand via border posts at Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia without securing a prior visa will now be granted only 15 days of stay in the country as opposed to the previous Visa on Arrival, which was valid for 30 days.

(See more:

Should you hide your digital nomad lifestyle?

Digital nomad lifestyleDigital nomad by the sea

Digital nomads have difficulties when it comes to sharing their lifestyles to others, especially the people that they are working for.

The question is should you hide your digital nomad lifestyle or embrace it and tell them.

Being a digital nomad might not have the desired reputation in the field of work. Some digital nomads tend not to mention this information to their clients when they have the opportunity.

They might be frightened of the implications that might result such as losing a contract or work opportunities if they divulge this information.

It may be that even potential customers may jump to conclusions and think that living the nomad lifestyle would make their work less efficient or the quality of work not up to scratch.


Digital nomads and time zones business-time-clock-clocks-48770

Being a digital nomad brings with its own difficulties such as working in different time zones, this on its own can be challenging when trying to obtain work or trying to reply to requests for work.

when you are sleeping and could possibly miss out on the work. Or maybe you are doing some online work and an urgent email has been sent to you, but unable to receive it several hours later.

If your employers were aware that you could only be contacted at certain times, then, of course, this would not be a problem. Whilst working remotely you may still have to depend on your colleagues, business partners or you employer.

It can get frustrating for you if you can’t even call them impulsively due to the time zone you are in.


Digital nomads and passive incomeincome

Obviously, in some cases, this does not apply if you set up your work style to incorporate passive income so that you do not have these issues, or your work schedule is such that you have only minor issues in regards to different time zone or you can stay up late to make contact.

If you can manage these difficulties and still eager to living the digital nomad lifestyle, the question is should I tell my clients or employer that you are a digital nomad and that you travel frequently?

My answer is maybe, not the answer you were expecting right. On some work platforms, the client can tell your location anyway. With my own experience, I have had issues with people from certain countries as their English were poor and the work was not up to scratch.

You have others that pretend that they are from the USA when in fact this is not the case, and even put a picture of a female white person as their profile but find out that they are male and not white.


woman-hand-smartphone-laptopDigital nomads and quality of work

But this is a different kind of lie, as it is totally dishonest in their approach to getting work online. In most cases the quality of work is substandard, but they have to lie to get a foot on the ladder.

Unfortunately for them when they produce substandard work they are unlikely to get continued work from clients that know what good work is.

I don’t believe that it makes a great deal of difference if you tell them or not, but it may do, they may think that you spend all your day on the beach and out drinking all night.

After some time your work will speak for itself so if you do some great work then it will not matter, however, if your lifestyle impacts on your work then it will matter.


Digital nomads only working a few hours a daypexels-photo-104750

I know many digital nomads that only have to work a few hours a day and have the weekend off, they have systems in place so they can work only a few hours and can live the nomadic lifestyle and truly work a location independent lifestyle.

If you can put systems in place then you too can lead this lifestyle, the importance being having different income streams so that you do not have to rely on contact with clients or business partners in opposite time zone.

Those people who don’t hire you because of your chosen lifestyle then you don’t want to their business anyway as it does not fit in with your travelling lifestyle.

There are some jobs that you have to be physically there, we are not going to be focusing on too much as they do not normally fit into your chosen lifestyle.


leave-board-hand-learn-54597Digital nomads teaching English in Thailand

For example teaching English in a classroom in Thailand, although there is nothing wrong in it, it does, however, limit your freedom to live the lifestyle that you have chosen and keeps you in one location.

Is it wise to disclose your lifestyle on your LinkedIn profile, the answer is yes, I believe you should disclose the information. It is better to be open and honest. 

Once you have achieved the status of a digital nomad and truly living the lifestyle, it may even benefit you as clients may invite you to their country to work for them for a while.

People may assume it is hard to regularly keep in touch with someone who works online and travels a lot, but even this is wrong.


Digital nomads live for their work

The digital nomads that I have met live for their work and one of the first things that they will in their new location is to scout out the best cafes or co-working spaces so that they can keep online and keep working.

Many digital nomads I know are very hard working and put in so many hours until passive income kicks in or they are able to put systems in place.

Being a digital nomad can be a positive thing for someone who works in an office as others could get disheartened over the 9-5 job and don’t put their full heart into it due to the stress and the constant travelling in jam-packed trains or being stuck in traffic for long period of time and getting nowhere.

Hopefully, as a digital nomad, you have a great work life balance with some enjoyment thrown in, with the beautiful mountains or beautiful islands and so many things to do and see, this will only help but to make you more creative and make your work even better.


apple-iphone-smartphone-deskDigital nomads and advanced technologies 

The digital nomad is able to use advanced technologies and has a big network of people all around the world. 

Success isn’t just determined by your style of working. But rather by your own talents and professional outcomes. The digital nomad and their lifestyle can be an asset rather than a disadvantage.

DOs and DON’Ts for Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand

Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand


Globally, Thailand is known an easy going country. People are friendly, especially with foreigners., and Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand.

As a digital nomad residing in Bangkok or another part of Thailand, you might have to involve with either local people around or even working people sometimes.

Knowing DOs and DON’Ts is definitely useful for all digital nomads based in Bangkok or Thailand. Now let’s roll.



  • Remember Bangkok is NOT representing other Thai provinces. There are differences in almost all elements. Urbanisation. Language. People. Food. Manner. Etiquette. Belief. Behaviour. Taste. Attitude. Education. The list goes on…
  • Respect dress code when visiting main temples in Bangkok or Thailand. Women avoid clothes that are revealing with no short pants, while men must leave jeans with holes at home. Sandals are okay, though.
  • Dress properly when dealing with companies, startups, business people, state agencies and officials when it comes to work-related issues. No need to be official outfits, though. Just a smart casual will do. This will incredibly raise your credibility.
  • Be extra careful when crossing the road. Thai traffic direction is similar to some countries and NOT to some others. So, streets can be dangerous.
  • If you have to make a complaint against services or must request something over and over again (when your luncheon companion becomes suddenly fussy), smiling a little as you speak to the staff or manager will make things easier.
  • Only take a taxi when the driver turns on the metre. Having the application like Uber or Grab Taxi installed on your phone or knowing how to call the All Thai Taxi will help save you from dishonest taxis.
  • Know that if the distance is not too far, taking a taxi can be more comfortable with a price that’s equal to a tuk-tuk.
  • Leave a tip, if you made a mess out of your dinner table.
  • Take off your shoes when getting into a Thai house or other places that you noticed others people do so.



  • Expect that some Thai business people won’t call or text you during public holidays or late at night, regarding an ongoing work. Some really do that!
  • Negotiate prices just for fun if you don’t really need that stuff. NO bargaining game if you’re not into it. Some Thai merchants can be fierce like Tony Jaa.
  • Take it seriously if you encounter any Thai who smiles or laughs at all times. Thai people are just like this. But, strange as it may seem, Thai people don’t smile much to one another.
  • Use your feet to operate things instead of hands. Feet are considered dirty among Thais. This is a belief which has been passed on from the ancestors. So, better be careful.
  • Put your feet on all types of table. Be it a low coffee table, working desk or dining table. This is not only a matter of etiquette, but also a hygienic issue as Bangkok is not a very clean city. Street surfaces can be infectious sometimes.
  • Think all Thais have an equal level of education. You might be surprised to find a farmer or a barista nowadays has his or her master degree, while an attractive girl you just met only made it to the A Level. So, don’t stereotype.
  • Trust any local who acts as the middleman who says he can serve you with privileges to enter some key attractions with extra benefits not stated on the entrance tickets. Either at palaces or temples, consult the premise’s officials when you doubt something or want to buy tickets.


Well, actually it’s not complicated dealing with local people. Every country has its own etiquette and culture we must obey anyway. Generally, Thai and Bangkok people has the nature of adoring foreigners who’ve shown their efforts to be proper, this will truly help Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand.

So, if the digital nomads only know and understand, things will get a LOT easier and will make your time in Bangkok or the rest of Thailand more memorable and worthwhile.



Health Concerns for Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand

Health Concerns for Digital Nomads in Bangkok

What are Recommended Medication Centres for Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand?


Health Concerns for Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand as less digital nomads have health insurance if they were to get ill. Even though Bangkok has been well modernised, chances of illness remain.

Contagious diseases, such as influenza A or B, and other diseases, including dengue fever, are often diagnosed among working people, from season to season.

Staying safe is the best prevention, but how? In this article, we’ll take a look at health concerns for digital nomads living in Bangkok and recommended medication centres in Bangkok. Read More

Sporting Activities for Digital Nomads in Bangkok

Sporting Activities for Digital Nomadstennis-841172_1920

While many know that sports are inarguably good, not all know that sports are not only good for health, but also for the mind. Once we’ve developed physical tolerance, which all sorts of sports offer, our mental tolerance tends to improve, too. Sporting Activities for Digital Nomads in Bangkok is the key to good health and fitness.

In the business world or even a family life, dealing with others can be tough sometimes, Mental strength is hence a vital factor that helps us fight our way to hit the milestones we’ve worked hard for.

Digital nomads who care about health can always find places to go when it comes to keeping themselves fit. Some like to join workout groups, Read More

Day Excursions out of Town for Digital Nomads based in Bangkok

Digital Nomads based in Bangkok Thailand

bangkok_night_wikimedia_commonsEven though Bangkok seems to be a big city with numerous things to offer, living here for a certain period of time can be boring, especially when you seek peace or want to recharge your energy.Day Excursions out of Town for Digital Nomads based in Bangkok.

Fortunately, there are some places out of town that recreation and attractions can be found within a couple hours of public transport ride. Alternatively, using a car rental service is a great idea and prices are also highly competitive nowadays. Great Day Excursions Digital Nomads based in Bangkok. Read More

Ten Pro’s and Con’s of Becoming a Digital Nomad in Thailand

Pro’s and Con’s for digital nomads in Thailand

Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world and earn money? Yes, so you’re thinking of joining the digital nomad lifestyle, there are a few things you need to know about the digital nomad lifestyle.

Becoming a digital nomad in Thailand is so much easier, due to the low cost of living and co-working recourses that is provided all over Thailand.Pro’s and Con’s for digital nomads in Thailand.

Who is a digital nomad? 

Digital nomads are usually freelancers or they may be managing their business online (or both) they spend so much time on the road with a laptop and other digital equipment, working online and discovering new cities and countries to work from.

This lifestyle has become widely popular in the last few years. People just love to travel and they want to learn to live a digital nomadic lifestyle. Listed below are the Pro’s and Con’s for digital nomads in Thailand. Read More

Why Digital Nomads Rock More in Bangkok Than Anywhere Else in Thailand

Thailand Digital Nomadic Lifestyle

Digital Nomads Rock More in Bangkok than Anywhere in Thailandimage-1807518_1920

Before the arrival of startup era and nomadic lifestyle, Thailand has long been known for its ease of launching new businesses.

Be it American, British, Russian or even Chinese, conventional investors and merchants had considered Thailand one of the best business bases in the world.

Nevertheless, things change as time flies and technology evolves. Broadband has made the business world spin faster.

Average age of entrepreneurs tends to be lower. White collars choose to leave their countries behind, head to another continent and work with their laptop from anywhere they prefer.

Once again, Thailand has become one of the top destinations for these digital nomads, having Bangkok as the top priority above other major cities. Read More

Rules keep changing for digital nomads in Chiang Mai

Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai coffee-1246100_1920

Digital nomads that have spent any time in Thailand would know that visas in Thailand can quite troublesome with having to do visa runs to allow them to stay longer in Thailand.

The rules keep on changing in Thailand; one day a tourist visa is acceptable for a digital nomad that are working online, this can be a worry with all the uncertainty surrounding the issue when you are building a business in Thailand. Read More