Hua Hin Railway Train Station

Hua Hin Railway Train Station Thailand

Built during the reign of King Rama VI, just a short distance from the centre of town, Hua Hin’s railway station and nearby the attractive royal waiting room stands.

The brightly painted buildings made of wood have a Thai concept and design, however, has a Victorian feel to it. The story of Hua Hin started as a royal seaside getaway town with its historic railway station.


In the early days, there was no road access to this pleasant beach town, and train travel was a new and wonderful alternative from Bangkok to Hua Hin instead of travelling by the normal alternative method by boat.

Brief History – The Birth of Hua Hin With the train station in place and the northern-southern rail line connecting Bangkok and as far south as Singapore in 1921, the town was gradually built around it.

European expatriates would travel from Penang and Singapore to enjoy a beautiful seaside vacation in Hua Hin. Later a road was constructed from the train station to the beach where the town’s first luxury hotel stood.

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Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Town is approximately 195 kilometres from Bangkok; the night market is located in the centre of the town and runs from Petchkasem road towards the railway line.

Hua Hin night market is a large venue with various restaurants, various hotels and souvenir shops. The night market is open every evening from 18.00 to 23.00 hours, the market sells various items such as souvenirs, handicrafts, cuisine and seafood from the Sea of Hua Hin.


Seafood restaurants display their produce outside which looks fantastic and very appetising. Restaurants and street food include dishes such as Thai dishes, seafood, and Thai desserts and Thai roti bread. You will find numerous outlets selling delicious dishes for you to enjoy and some severed in a matter of minutes if it is street food. If you don’t fancy street food then there are numerous restaurants behind the stalls on the pavement.

The night market is visited by both foreign tourists and Thai locals alike if visiting Hua hin this is a market that cannot be missed.

There are plenty of souvenir shops throughout the area so you will have plenty of choices of items to purchase, Make sure you keep walking for a while as you are likely to see the same item at a cheaper price, and of course you can also barter the price down.

This is by no means the best place to shop in Thailand as you will find a larger variety of goods in

Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Hua Hin does have a superb selection of seafood restaurants that line the road that hosts the Night Market, drawing a lot of attention from visitors eager to feast on the good quality dishes that are on offer.

Most of the restaurants at the market double up as bars where you can enjoy a beer or cocktail while watching the crowds go by at the market.