Health Concerns for Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand

Health Concerns for Digital Nomads in Bangkok

What are Recommended Medication Centres for Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand?


Health Concerns for Digital Nomads in Bangkok Thailand as less digital nomads have health insurance if they were to get ill. Even though Bangkok has been well modernised, chances of illness remain.

Contagious diseases, such as influenza A or B, and other diseases, including dengue fever, are often diagnosed among working people, from season to season.

Staying safe is the best prevention, but how? In this article, we’ll take a look at health concerns for digital nomads living in Bangkok and recommended medication centres in Bangkok.

Beside underlying diseases, health concerns for digital nomads might include diseases that might be derived from exposing to crowded or unhygienic spots in Bangkok. So to speak, you have the same chance of falling ill as typical Bangkokians.

For example, dengue fever that is caused by mosquito bites during the rainy season, influenza A or B that is caused by an influenza virus. If you’re weary, consult your doctor about the vaccination.

Allergies are possible for either digital nomads or even Bangkok people as there are allergens everywhere. Pollution and weather extremes are also main causes of allergies for Bangkok people too, so please stay safe and keep yourself healthy.

zahnreinigung-1514692_1920Dental treatment is a key force that has made Thailand’s medical tourism unstoppable now. The cost of dental care here is so affordable that even tourists from Singapore or Hong Kong intentionally fly to have treatments, do some shopping after and then fly back.

So, don’t worry if you have dental problems, as Thailand is the right place. You will never have to go bankrupt having dental treatments in Thailand like some others who had encountered this before in Japan, North America or Europe.


BHN Hospital Bangkokbnh-hospital-bangkok-premium-clinic-thailand-ogocare-2

As you travel from here and there in Bangkok, you may spot hospitals across this busy city.

But which ones offer high-quality medication services, while also speak English? For digital nomads residing in Bangkok CBD, head to BNH Hospital on Convent Road (nearest BTS Skytrain Station: Sala Daeng). Here you will find a global-standard medication here with English-speaking doctors and staff.

Bumrungrad International Hospitalbumrungrad

Alternatively, digital nomads who live in Sukhumvit zone, Bumrungrad International Hospital is the best choice (nearest BTS Station: Nana/ Free shuttle to the hospital is available from here).

Although the waiting time seems like forever, you can rest assured that you might not have to return again after first diagnosis and treatment, as the examination here is quite precise (and if your symptom is not severe!). So, please spare some time. Also, the doctors and staff speak excellent English.

bangkok_international_hospitalBangkok Hospital

Parallel to Sukhumvit Road is New Petchburi Road where the Bangkok Hospital is situated. Bangkok Hospital has a similar ownership as Bumrungrad International, so a high standard is guaranteed, but with a slightly higher price.

The hospital has complete diagnostic and treatment services with a touch of luxe.


Samitivej Hospitalsamitivej_hospitals_1

A decent choice in Sukhumvit area is Samitivej Hospital, which is tucked in Soi Sukhumvit 49.

Despite its compact size and confusing floor plans, the hospital is considered a good deal compared with Bangkok Hospital.

They have all necessary centres. Doctors and staff speak good English. The ambience is not lavishing like Bumrungrad International, but instead a homey one that has some vintage elements.  

The health concern is a crucial issue for many, so examine yourself if you really needed a health insurance. If you think about buying extended travel insurance from your home country, study carefully about terms and conditions as some companies might have regulations on the duration of days residing outside their countries.

Therefore, consider buying a health insurance here can be a better option, depending on your duration of stay. However, bear in mind that most plans do not include outpatient coverage.

Check out Bupa (Thailand) ( and AXA Thailand ( if you don’t know where to start.