Rules keep changing for digital nomads in Chiang Mai

Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai coffee-1246100_1920

Digital nomads that have spent any time in Thailand would know that visas in Thailand can quite troublesome with having to do visa runs to allow them to stay longer in Thailand.

The rules keep on changing in Thailand; one day a tourist visa is acceptable for a digital nomad that are working online, this can be a worry with all the uncertainty surrounding the issue when you are building a business in Thailand.

Digital Nomads and Freelancers

For digital nomads and other freelancers who work in Thailand the laws seen to change each year, which adds uncertainty, and some people have already left Thailand due to the visa issues and work permits becoming harder to renew due to the immigration tightening up controls.

Punspace Chiang Mai


Punspace in Chiang Mai was raided back in 2014, 18 people were detained flanked by “20 armed uniformed police and immigration officials”, according to author and entrepreneur Johnny “FD” at around 10am.  

Thinking that the digital nomads were working for Punspace illegally, they were asking the staff what are these farang (foreigners) doing here? They didn’t know what a digital nomad was.

All 18 people were taken to the Chiang Mai immigration office and then later all released by around 3pm, after officials had verified that none of the 18 had overstayed their visas, been blacklisted or were working illegally.

Chiang Mai the most popular hubs in Thailand

punspace-2However, despite these hurdles, Chiang Mai has fast become one of the most popular digital nomad hubs in all of Thailand.

with tropical weather, cheap accommodation and even cheaper beers, it’s no wonder why people a leaving in there droves to work the 4-hour work week and become a digital nomad.

With a vast number of digital nomads working in Chiang Mai it’s no wonder why others want to join them.


Punspace continues to grow its business model and has two co-working spaces in Chiang Mai, which is also doing really well thanks to the influx of people wanting the digital lifestyle. Other co-working spaces have popped up around Chiang Mia, and coffee shops are also doing their bit to make digital nomads welcome in Chiang Mai.

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